About us

With so many horses available for sale today, it is difficult to find the perfect one for you. This is especially true if you are interested in barrel racing at any level. Finding just the right horse is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack. With our X number of years combined experience in the horse world, especially with barrel racers, we are able to go directly to that needle and find you the horse that fits your needs!

Helping Your Find the Right Horse

For over 20 years, we have developed a sophisticated network with breeders, horse owners, trainers, and other horse experts across the country. Our network enables us to see what horses are just coming on the market to be sold. Whether you are interested in a prospect to train yourself or with a trainer, or you are already a competitor looking for that next special horse to take you to the top of the sport, we are able to connect you with horses that best meet your riding needs.

Characteristics of Champion Barrel Racing Horses

Champion barrel racing horses all have these characteristics in common:

  • Are healthy and athletic.
  • Enjoy doing their job!
  • Have a personality that exudes confidence.
  • Have an innate desire to run fast.
  • Typically are well muscled with strong bones.
  • Will do whatever you ask them to do. In other words, they have “heart”.

A majority of horses that barrel race are Quarter Horses or Appendix Quarter Horses. (An Appendix Quarter Horse is part Quarter Horse and part another breed. Most of the time that other breed is a Thoroughbred.)

Where Do We Find Our Horses?

Due to our extensive network that extends to every state in the U.S., we find client’s horses anywhere and everywhere.

Breeders will have young horses ready to go under saddle, but also stay in contact with individuals that purchase their horses over time. It is not uncommon for a breeder to know which of their horses is available for sale even years after the horse has left their barn.
Trainers of barrel racing horses as well as trainers of quarter horses that race on the racetrack frequently have many horses in various stages of training available for sale. Similar to taking a Thoroughbred off the racetrack to retrain it for showing or pleasure, it takes time to transition a Quarter Horse that has raced to its new job of barrel racing. Very experienced horse people will seek out horses in this category because they enjoy teaching the horse something new to do. However, this path should only be taken by experienced individuals and not by riders new to riding as well as new to barrel racing as the off-the-track Quarter Horse may be way too much animal to handle.

We also have extensive connections in the horse world nationwide to find you your dream horse. Our network extends beyond the common places where sale horses can be found to individuals that are essentially “off the grid” in terms of having super horses for sale, but are not known to the general public. It is through our network that we can find you your perfect horse.

We Work With You

We pride ourselves with working closely with you to find the horse that will help you meet your equestrian goals. We take time to learn about your experiences and background with horses and to learn about the type of horse that would be the perfect fit for you. Taking this knowledge, we do an extensive search locating horses that may be the type of horse you are looking for. In addition to searching for your perfect horse, we will help you with the negotiation process, and to have the horse shipped directly to your location. We are with you throughout the entire process!

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