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Top Traits of Successful Barrel Racing Horses

Successful barrel racing horses have several traits that make them winners time-after-time. A highly sought after barrel racer typically has the following characteristics:

  • Breed wise, most barrel racers are Quarter Horses or Appendix Quarter Horses. (An appendix quarter horse is one that is part quarter horse and part another breed, such as a Thoroughbred.)
  • Are fast with a desire to run.
  • Are smart with a willingness to work their rider.
  • Have “heart” – meaning that they will do everything in their being to do the best for you.
  • Are very athletic.
  • Are very healthy.
  • Usually have big strong bones and are well muscled.
  • Has a confident kind personality.

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Serious equestrians understand that locating the perfect horse requires working with the best in the business. In barrel racing, where winning is 80% horse and 20% rider, the right horse makes all the difference. Only working with those who have the inside track will give you access to the most superior barrel racing horses available.

Jerri and Jessie have developed a network unparalleled to any other brokers in the business. Working with people in every state in the country, Jerri and Jessie will work closely with you throughout the entire process – from locating outstanding barrel racing horses through negotiation to shipping the horse directly to your location.

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